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Thanks to all who participated in the SABC Summer 2024 Competition.

There were 47 entries judged and 86 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show winner(s) have not been posted yet. Please check back later.

Best Brewer Of Show (26 Participating Brewers)

1stMark Murray1000 South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]

Scores and tie-breakers have been applied in accordance with the scoring methodology. Numbers reflected are rounded to the hundredth place. Hover over or tap the question mark icon () for the actual calculated value.

Winning Entries

Table 1: Low Alcohol (9 entries)

1stTali WarnockBonnie14A: Scottish LightSouth Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
2ndKieren VercoePee Wee Pils3A: Czech Pale LagerSouth Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
3rdPaul QuirkLondon Calling27A4: London Brown AleSouth Australian Brewing Club [Australia]

Table 2: Amber & Dark (9 entries)

1stAdam ForbesSchwarzbier8B: SchwarzbierSouth Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
2ndMichael RowleyAussie Black Beer8B: SchwarzbierSouth Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
3rdNicholas HauschildSchwarzbier8B: SchwarzbierSouth Australian Brewing Club [Australia]

Table 3: Specialty IPA (17 entries)

1stLuke BeardBrut 3321B7: Brut IPA South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
2ndChristopher KerrThe Ripper21B4: Red IPA South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
3rdCharles NzamaRed IPA 21B4: Red IPA South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]

Table 4: Porter (7 entries)

1stBrendan MaceyBlack Widow20A: American PorterSouth Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
2ndMichael RowleyPrepropor27A7: Pre-Prohibition PorterSouth Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
3rdDarren WilliamsBlack Tie20A: American PorterSouth Australian Brewing Club [Australia]

Table 5: Belgian (5 entries)

1stMark MurrayBelgian Single26A: Belgian SingleSouth Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
2ndKieren VercoeRi de Waka24C: Bière de Garde South Australian Brewing Club [Australia]
3rdBrendan MaceyHulk Hogan25C: Belgian Golden Strong AleSouth Australian Brewing Club [Australia]