Thank you for your interest in the SABC 2019 Summer Competition organized by SABC, Adelaide.

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  1. Disputes concerning any competition run by the SABC will be determined by the SABC in its sole and absolute discretion.
  2. Any dispute should be addressed to the Competitions Director and SABC committee.
  3. In order to be eligible for any prizes, an entrant must be a current financial member at the time the results are published.
  4. Prior to the judging of entries, the Competitions Director may declare prizes available to any and all entrants.
  5. Prizes offered as are and cannot be exchanged for cash or same financial value.
  6. The Competitions Director may vary the rules applicable to any competition by declaring the variations prior to the commencement of judging.
  7. Prior to the judging of a competition, the Competitions Director may declare all entrants eligible to be awarded prizes.
  8. Entrants must declare any conflict of interest before taking part in the administration or judging of a competition.
  9. All participants in an SABC Competition shall act in good faith at all times.

Competition Official

You can send an email to any of the following individuals via Contact.

  • Gary Waters — Competition Coordinator


SABC is proud to have the following sponsors for the SABC 2019 Summer Competition.

The Wheaty
Thebarton, Adelaide
The Wheaty
Jade and the Wheaty crew are relentless in their support of the club, and have been our de facto home since we began.
Gladfield Malts
New Zealand
Gladfield Malts
Doug and Gabi Michael are the proud owners and maltsters behind the Award winning Gladfield Malt brand. Only the finest malting barley grown locally in Canterbury New Zealand is used to manufacture their range of 27 high-quality, hand-crafted 100% natural, base and speciality malts so you can make unique beers and whiskies bursting with flavour.
Hop Works Brewing Supplies
Hop Works Brewing Supplies
Hop Works have been very generous with prizes for this competition. Be sure to check out their online shop for some great prices and superb service.
Inkbird Australia
Inkbird Australia
Thanks to Inkbird Australia for a pretty cool prize! Be sure to check their website if you need temperature control.